Soul CoolBreath Blend Mouthwash | BEST Natural Mouthwash | Essential Oil Blend


  • Natural mouthwash with no dyes or artificial flavors
  • No toxic, synthetic or animal-derived ingredients. Vegan
  • Water-based with no alcohol or glycerin
  • Penetrates in-between teeth for a thorough wash
  • Can help support oral health and dry mouth

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Having had problems with other mouthwashes in the past, we were intent on finding a 100% natural solution that would provide fresh breath but not have the unwanted side effects of mouthwashes that are alcohol or glycerin-based. After much research and many attempts, we developed a mouthwash we are finally proud to have our friends and family use.

CoolBreath is our 100% natural mouthwash – made with a blend of powerful, organic essential oils with no alcohol or preservatives to degrade or dull the oils potency, which can cause you to not get the full benefits of the essential oils. It is cool on the mint side with a burst of flavors and refreshment! Because it is the consistency of water, it easily gets between teeth, and removes additional materials even after both brushing and flossing.

Because essential oil molecules are very small and not like other oils, they can evaporate into the air quickly if left unopened or heated. Thus, we only use steam distilled oils, and never add heat to them after they are distilled. Further, we feel so strongly about giving you the best possible benefits from our products that all of our products are made in small batches with an expiration date. This ensures that you can experience our products with the best purity, freshness and potency possible.

We have developed a proprietary micro emulsion process of infusing oils into water, naturally – it’s what sets our products apart, as we do not rely on any synthetics, glycerin, alcohol or preservatives. We change water into activated water. We invite you to check out our ingredients!

In health – Charles Floyd and Glenn Yeik of elomentz

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Mouthwash infused with essential oils