Euodia – Greek for “sweet fragrance”, Euodia is the line of elomentz’ handcrafted sweet air fresheners that release 100% plant-based pure essential oils in each spray.

Euodia air fresheners have no synthetic chemicals, fillers or alcohol to interfere with the powerful delicate designs of Nature. Our air fresheners are perfect for your home, office or automobile. It’s like having a personal diffuser with you wherever you go!

We use only pure essential oils from reputable, established suppliers that use the most care in the whole process from planting to harvesting and distillation.  The only ingredients in our Euodia air fresheners are distilled water, 100% pure essential oils and raw (unprocessed) plant saponins from plants that are never treated with fertilizers or pesticides, to give you the best possible product experience. Further, we feel so strongly about giving you the best possible fragrances from our products that all of our products are made in small batches and have an expiration date. This ensures that you can experience our products with the best freshness and potency possible, rather than using products where most of the volatile constituents in the essential oils have evaporated or been damaged by heat.

We have developed a proprietary micro emulsion process of infusing oils into water, naturally – it’s what sets our products apart; we do not rely on any synthetics, glycerin or alcohol. This allows the essential oils to be suspended in water rather than just setting on top, which allows the essential oils to be uniformly dispersed into the air with every spray, which gives you a wonderful fragrance each and every use.

Lavender Fields: Awakening and fresh aroma that only Lavender can bestow. It’s truly like taking a walk in the lavender fields.

Citrus Groves: A calming yet invigorating aroma combination of fresh citrus and the sweet floral woods of a blossoming grove.

Floral Woods: A subtle, yet exotic aroma combination of deep woods with a hint of delicate floral. A soothing, relaxing, dream-inducing fragrance.

In Health - Charles Floyd and Glenn Yeik of elomentz