elomentz Katharos and WAG Detergents

Having previously had bad skin reactions with commercial detergents and not being satisfied with the results from other natural detergents, we were intent on finding a 100% natural solution that would gently and effectively clean clothes and leave them with a fresh outdoor smell, while containing no artificial chemicals, preservatives, or animal products. After much research and many failed attempts, we came up with a detergent that we are finally proud to have our friends and family use.

Katharos is our 100% natural detergent for humans that’s made with powerful, organic essential oils with no artificial ingredients or preservatives to degrade the oil’s potency.  Wild And Gentle is our 100% natural detergent for pets that’s made with the same kinds of ingredients.  Mentha Piperita is in the peppermint Katharos version, while Corymbia citriodora is in the lemon eucalyptus WAG version, both of which help to provide a natural clean, while the solar salt naturally helps to remove soil from clothing. This combination works to provide a low level of sudsing action to gently remove dirt and odors.

Because essential oil molecules are very small and not like other oils, they can be absorbed by clothing to promote a clean fresh scent. They can also evaporate into the air quickly if left unopened, so we package the product in sealed containers. Further, we feel so strongly about giving you the best possible benefits from our products that we make them all in small batches with an expiration date. This ensures that you can experience our products with the best purity, freshness and potency possible.

We have developed a proprietary micro emulsion process of infusing oils into our detergent, naturally – it’s what sets our products apart, as we do not rely on any synthetics or preservatives. We invite you to check out our ingredients!

In health – Charles Floyd and Glenn Yeik of elomentz

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